Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tweet tweet?

The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine today had a Q&A with the guy who invented Twitter.
Now that's all well and good and interesting and everything else. Just one problem -- what the HELL is Twitter?
Okay. I kind of know what it is. Just a little bit.
Now I consider myself mildly technology challenged. I've mastered my Ipod, more or less. Although I just put it on "shuffle" and don't search playlists or anything. And, obviously, I've figured out how to blog. Again, more or less.
And I even downloaded, bought and use Microsoft Word.
But, I also still read newspapers. Still prefer talking to people face-to-face. Don't text. Don't really use my cell phone at all.
And so, yes, I have this vague idea what Twitter is.
But does the Globe really think my Mom and Dad know what it is? Or all the aging luddites who read their newspaper?
(Kevin, Chad and Pat, you can look up "luddite" in a "dictionary.")
Is there an irony to a newspaper, you know -- it's made out of paper and you actually have to read it -- assuming it's readers know what Twitter is? I guess I'm going to have to go Google it or something.
Apparently, according to the Globe, it was HUGE in the election of our new Prez. Go figure. How did he get elected without me knowing wat Twitter is?
All I'm saying here is that, as you, oh worthy and trying-to-be modern Boston Globe, ease us into the new technology, eaaaaaase us in.

Not to totally dumb things down here (possible?), but I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the interesting qualities of Simon Baker (handsomeness) were not enough to make me watch the lame The Mentalist. Well, I have a confession to make. I have since watched three episodes. The show is as lame as ever, but his eyes are also as blue as ever. And he's so haunted. And the show's so lame.

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Walking In My Sleep said...

Just for a second, think about how Twitter might just help the newspaper industry reach those unenlightened. It's possible to use one language to reach another - possible...

I knew your dad many years ago and my memory tells me that he would be perfect for Twitter! :-)

Give it a try - a real one - and then tell me how it won't help the newspaper industry, 'cause, frankly, I have a thousand ideas of how it can. (BTW, I'm Lauriesm on Twitter, so follow if you dare!)