Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obesity, and it's really morbid...

All the excitement over Sarah Palin being on Saturday Night Live last week just helps prove that we are not only becoming a physically obese country, we are also becoming an intellectually obese one.
Don't give me a workout, don't give me a diet. I don't want to work hard.
Sound bites and YouTube are the Doritos and Cheese Doodles of the information age.
Millions of people watched the perky vice-presidential wanna-be on SNL -- or caught up with her on YouTube or the zillions of TV outlets that replayed it ad nauseum the next day.
Meanwhile, how many of those people could tell you about her fiscal policy while governor of Alaska? Or her stance on things like NAFTA, Supreme Court nominations, Social Security or recount her health insurance views?
Hmgfff mmmm hmgggvfff...pass the doughnuts, please.

DVD recommendation of the week: "The Hanging Gale" A 1995 BBC production about a four-brother family decimated by the Irish potato famine of 1846. And if you're not yet a Michael Kitchen fan -- he's one of the great underrated actors of our time -- you will be after this. His nuanced performance as the conflicted land agent is what elevates this four-hour miniseries from simply really good to great. Watch it!

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