Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I love Dennis Kucinich

This from the Associated Press tonight:

"New York City officials told a congressional panel Friday that they didn’t do anything improper in shepherding through $1.3 billion in financing for a new Yankee Stadium, but the assurances did little to mollify the congressman who is investigating the deal.
At issue was a six-fold increase in the city’s assessed value of the land, to around $200 million. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat, suggested the reason was to make it easier to get tax-exempt bonds to pay for the construction of the ballpark in the South Bronx."

Not only is he the smartest and clearest-thinking member of Congress, but he also hates the Yankees.
You go, Dennis.


Matt McSorley said...

The crooks who run NYC should be ashamed of themselves for fleecing the public to build over a wonderful city park, Macombs Dam Park, to build the Yankees' new monument to themselves. Shameful. But, of course, mostly black and brown people used that park so it was, you know, expendable. What an obscene power grab. I'm with Dennis -- and you too, Maureen -- on this one!

J.D. Enright said...

Kucinich is from Cleveland. Of course he hates the Yankees. Didn't anyone see "Major League?"