Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got your leaf blower right here...II

OK, after let's see, what time is it? OK, after about nine straight hours of listening to neighborhood leaf blowers today (after dark? c'mon people!) I just had to make one more point.
It's OK to not destroy every leaf that's on the ground. Leave some. Oooo, doesn't that feel good? The world won't come to an end. In fact, it will last a little longer, since the earth needs its waste in order to regenerate.
When exactly did it become fashionable to have completely barren lawns? And don't even get me started on lawns, nature's least natural item.
Here's my philosophy on leaves. I rake once in the fall. Once most of the leaves have fallen but before it snows. If it snows before I get to them, too bad. Any leaves I miss just stay there on the ground. There, I said it. Do what you will.
And yes, I sleep just fine at night.


Matt McSorley said...

You'll really hate my yard then. I have lots of nice, green grass. But this is Litchfield. We have farms and shyte like that. Yeah, that's it. But I don't use leaf blowers!

izzy said...

Doesn't the yard police come and punish you? There was a great article that came out at least ten years ago called "The Tyranny of the American Lawn" or something like that --I think it appeared in the Atlantic. It was a great sociological and historical analysis of this obsession Americans have with the perfect, environmentally unsustainable lawn. But luckily I live in Portland, OR, where lawns are definitely not cool.
Yours in Lawnlessness,
Liz (Izzy)