Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts as I'm coming down from the turkey high:
I watched The Mentalist the other night just because I find Simon Baker so interesting (handsome). Aside from Baker, there is nothing to recommend about this show. The same formulaic plots, trite scrips and bad acting typical of all those cop procedural shows that dominate the three major networks' primetime schedules. Too bad, because Baker is adorable. Although he looks a little uncomfortable to be in such a lame show.
Is he adorable enough for me to waste an hour every week watching this weak show? No.
I guess they can't all be The Wire.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of its simplicity. You get together with people you like, you eat, you drink. You listen to Alice's Restaurant.
Why do they have to muck it up by making the whole thing about "Black Friday"? Isn't Christmas commercial enough without letting it creep over to Thanksgiving? Ugh.

Elderly. Can newspapers and TV stop using this meaningless adjective when there's no point? An elderly woman was hit by a car...An elderly man was robbed. The story will say their age at some point, so why does "elderly" have to go in the lead?
It's rarely germain to the story. When it is, use it. When not, what's the point?
Also, sometimes the reporter's grasp of "elderly" is a little loose. Is 50 elderly? 60?
Man, just leave it alone.
As they say in Strunk&White: Omit unnecessary words.

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