Monday, November 10, 2008

No free lunch...

As I watched WMUR-TV's feel-good puff report tonight on "what the change to DTV means to YOU - THE CONSUMER," I couldn't help but notice they buried the lead.
Not so much buried it as hacked it to death, dismembered it and scattered its pieces throughout a giant landfill, never to be found.
In other words, they never touched on the most important point of the whole thing.
Those people who have analog TVs and get their converter boxes will be able to get the digital signal. But channel 9, and most of TV, is skipping over the whole part about how bad many channels will now look to those who still have analog TVs. Some "free" channels won't be available on analog sets.
Eventually, probably not too far away, cable will be required to get in any channel decently.
Airwaves that have been free for nearly a century, no longer will be.
Put your rabbit ears in that, folks.

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