Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lie back and think of England...

My many readers have probably been wondering why I haven't blogged about Tuesday's historic happening.
It's because I just don't know what to say about it that a million others haven't said, only better than I could
But, aside from all the big, huge thoughts that I've been having over the past several days, there is one recurring theme.
Maybe now everyone else, particularly the English, won't think we're such a bunch of dorks.
Why do I care what the English think? I'm not sure. But it stems from watching a whole lot of non-American TV shows and movies lately, thanks to the magic of Netflix.
It's pretty interesting, and frankly embarassing, the way Americans are portrayed when they think we aren't looking.
For instance, the fantastic movie "In Bruges," which I highly recommend, is pretty tough on Americans. In particular, one hilarious scene that sums up exactly what they really think of all of us: fat, obnoxious, rude and stupid. Ouch.
And of course, to top it off, the guy is wearing a Yankees hat. Figures.
So anyway.
Does Barak make us cool now?
He's pretty damn cool and I'm hoping I'm cool by association.
I'm hoping maybe the English will think we're cool because we elected him and won't think we're rude, stupid Yankee fans anymore.
We can always hope.
You wanted maybe great insights? This is what you get at 4 in the morning.
And speaking of he English, what's the deal with all these English guys, or rather British Isle guys, playing Americans on TV?
And, if they think we're so dorky, why do they want to be us?
And these are guys who are not the pastey, inbred-for-centuries, get-me-to-a-denist-
STAT! British that we're used to.
These are absolutely hunky, want-to-eat-them-up adorable guys.
It started with "The Wire." Dominic West (OK he's Welsh, but same dif) and the guy who played Stringer Bell.
Then there is that blue-eyed, blond-haired angel Simon Baker. I don't know what show he's on, but I keep seeing ads for it. The first time I saw one, I knew he wasn't one of us.
Then there's Matthew Rhys, the only interesting male character on "Brothers and Sisters." Ok, he's Welsh, too. But still. I just want to eat him up.
Then there's the guy on "Life on Mars." Irish, I believe. But c'mon. Still the same basic DNA. Srumptious.
So what's the deal? The UK sends all it's hunky guys over here to infiltrate our TV and try to win back what they lost 200-plus years ago? Because they know the only real way to get into the brains of Americans is through the TV screen?
I say, bring it on, Nigel. Let's see what you've got.


Matt McSorley said...

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Brits have asylums for the dim-witted all over the country. They're called neighborhood pubs. This flooding the airwaves with their Oxbridge-educated debonair and attractive flukes is all a mirage.
I should write a book, "The Rest of the World Has Stupid People, Too." I have some time on my hands...

rebecca said...

I think Simon Baker is Aussie, but I could be wrong.

izzy said...

Yes, Simon Baker is an Aussie.
And he made his American screen debut in "L.A. Confidential" one of the best movies of the 1990s. He was the young actor who tried to save his movie career by playing nice with the corrupt D.A., and got his brains blown our for his pains.
That movie also featured two great Aussie actors playing Americans: Guy Pierce and Russell Crowe.